Best Ways to Take Psychedelic Magic Shrooms

Best Ways to Take Shrooms

Ways to Consume Shrooms: Edibles, Capsules, Tea or Smoking?

You might have heard of shrooms, tried them and liked them. This excerpt is to update you of the various ways of taking them and which is the best ways to take magic mushrooms. We have compiled a couple of helpful ways. However, before we get on, it is important you know that using or possessing shrooms is illegal in most jurisdictions. Please do not go to prison – we strongly recommend that you buy your psilocybin magic mushrooms from experienced dealers like us. Shroom powder or dried magic mushrooms are the most common ways to take shroom nowadays.

Basic Info about Mushrooms

Types of Shroom

There are many distinct cultivated strains with imaginative names like Golden Teacher, Albino Penis Envy, and Blue Meanie Mushrooms. These species owe its “magic” primarily to psilocybin, a naturally-occurring psychoactive substance.

Also, there are other psychoactive species in the Psilocybe genus. Almost wherever you live, there is probably at least one native to your area, though many are much less potent than Psilocybe cubensis. Some are more potent, though all could be referred to as shrooms, it’s worth keeping in mind that they are different species.

In addition, there are also other genera of psilocybin-containing mushroom that can be used in similar ways, though potency can vary widely. These could be called shrooms, too, in a pinch, although again, it is important to recognize that these are different mushrooms.

Best Ways to Take Shrooms

Eating Mushrooms Plain

First and most well-known way to consume shrooms is to simply pop them in your mouth, chew and swallow. An advantage with this method is that it is super-easy. The disadvantage is that many people dislike the taste. This brings us to why we adapt to most of the other ways of taking shrooms.

Cooking with Shrooms

First of all, DO NOT cook mushrooms, for the psilocybin degrades above 190 F. Rather, it is best to powder dried magic mushrooms (using weed or coffee grinder) and then mixing the powder in with something you have already cooked. Powerful flavors are important to use, because if the food can’t overpower the taste of the mushrooms, then what is the point?

cooking mushrooms
Cooking Mushrooms

The advantage here is that you get to enjoy eating the mushrooms, rather than just enjoying the trip. However, be careful mixing magic mushrooms into food as they can cause dosing problems. For example, say you and 3 buddies want to trip together, so you mix 3 doses of shrooms into enough pesto for 3 people. And somehow, the shroom powder ends up unevenly distributed so that one of you gets 2 doses and anther gets none. Or one of your friends eats a little less, so there’s extra and you really like pesto, so you eat that… Overdoses can happen that way.

Making Mushrooms Tea

Making mushroom tea involves mixing shroom powder into hot (not to hot) water and letting it steep for at least 10 minutes. The primary advantage here is that drinking magic mushrooms as tea is said to make the effects come on faster. This also reduces the chance of nausea. However, you can add other ingredients to your tea to improve the taste, too. Ginger is a good choice, since it is not only strongly-flavored, but also good at reducing nausea.

mushroom or shrooms tea
Shrooms Tea

Taking Capsules

In addition, you can buy empty capsules and a capsule machine to put them together. Then you can use your magic shroom powder to fill up the capsules and make your own mushroom pills. Making shroom capsules is a god way to entirely avoid tasting the mushrooms, plus if you want to go trip somewhere other than your own home. Capsules are a discreet way of carrying your shrooms and you could even put them in an old pill bottle.

best ways to take mushroom or shroom capsules
Powdered Mushroom Capsules

Other ways to take shrooms include:

Making a smoothie is a midway between food and tea. One could blend fruits mixed with milk or yogurt, with added shroom powder. Also, adding powdered ginger is a good idea to mask the mushrooms taste and helps to avoid nausea.

mushroom or shrooms smoothie
Mushroom Smoothie

Also, Lemon Tek is basically magic mushroom tea with lemon or lime juice instead of hot water. The idea is that the acid in the juice begins to pre-digest the mushrooms, meaning that once you drink the shroom-and-lemon mixture, the effect will be stringer and come on faster.

mushrooms lemon tek
Mushroom Lemon Tek


Do not ever take magic mushrooms intravenously. This may lead to serious organ damages and possibly death. Magic shrooms should not also be smoked.

Best ways to take shrooms have been discussed above and we do recommend that our patients and clients take this very seriously.

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