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  • Origin: Psilocybe cubensis family
  • Starting Dose: Take 1g and wait for 3hrs
  • Onset Time: 45-60mins
  • Duration: 4-8hrs


Golden Teacher Mushroom | Buy Golden Teacher Mushrooms in the US

Buy Golden Teacher mushrooms for sale online in the US using Bitcoin and get 15% discount on your total purchase. We do ship anywhere in the US discreetly within 24hrs. Golden Teacher comes from its eye-catching golden color and its so called teaching capabilities when consumed. Also, golden teacher magic mushroom provide a mild psychedelic effect which is why they’re a great option for new users. #How to grow magic mushrooms? Are you looking to buy golden teacher mushroom in the US?

Golden Teacher magic mushroom are mildly potent as they offer a reliably moderate trip. Also, they’re considered by many new mushroom users to be a gateway shroom. Like all species within the Psilocybe cubensis family, their potency is not the weakest nor the strongest of all magic mushrooms.

Why Choose Golden Teacher?

Golden Teacher Mushrooms are the most popular type among psychonauts worldwide for their unique psychedelic journey. Rather than simply tripping, these mushrooms have more of a spiritual effect due to moderate concentrations of psilocybin and psilocin in them. It means they can help you connect with nature better while healing your mind at the same time! With the unique psychedelic effects of Golden Teachers Mushrooms, you can enjoy a spiritual journey without feeling out-of-body. Psilocybin and psilocin are responsible for this pleasant state that lasts up to 6hrs after consuming just one dose! It’s also worth noting that Golden Teacher Psilocybe have been known as beginner-friendly due to their moderate concentrations.

Buy Golden Teacher shrooms in USA

Golden Teachers are a popular type of psychedelic mushroom that is used for its hallucinogenic effects. They can be purchased in USA from Magic Mushrooms Store and have produced feelings of euphoria, giddiness, and relaxation. If you’re looking for Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms, the best place to find them is at in the US. We have a range of different strains and products available, including Psilocybin cubensis Spores, perfect for those interested in consuming mushrooms. Don’t hesitate to visit our online store today and take advantage of our low prices as well as free shipping anywhere in the US on orders of $150+. Order your today! In a nutshell, you can mail order or buy golden teacher magic mushroom or shroom online in the US from the comfort of your home.

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